Salmorejo Original ALVALLE Pet 750ml

Salmorejo Original ALVALLE Pet 750ml

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Salmorejo is a cold tomato cream designed to be consumed as a main dish in the hottest times of the year, taking into account the heat typical of the summer months in Andalusia.

Along with flamenquín, the traditional salmorejo (or Cordovan salmorejo) is one of the main representatives of Córdoba's cuisine and one of the most demanded dishes by both the Spanish public and foreign tourists at any time of the year. Just delish!

Energy: (46 kcal)
Fat: (2.2 g)
Saturated fatty acids: (0.3 g)
Carbohydrates: (5.5 g)
Sugars: (2.1 g)
Dietary fiber: (0.3 g)
Proteins: (0.8 g)
Salt: (0.49 g)

Tomato (79%), water, rice breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil (1.9%), wine vinegar, garlic, salt.